HA/CK updated to 1.0.2

For various reasons, I've updated HA/CK to 1.0.2, go and get it!

  • UI consistency improvements
  • In-game GameJolt scoreboard improvements
  • Increased the timer length in 'Back and Forth' as most players do not have superhuman aim and struggle in the two-timer section
  • Improved camera hitboxes
  • Increased display length of assistive trails, even though I am still not sure whether they prove useful in any way
  • Finally figured out a way to make cubes stick to the platforms
  • Made the platform cable thinner to reduce confusion about whether you can walk on them (spoiler alert: you can't)
  • Added a thing


HACK 1.0.2 Windows.zip 160 MB
Sep 10, 2017
HACK 1.0.2 OSX.zip 165 MB
Sep 10, 2017
HACK 1.0.2 Linux.zip 169 MB
Sep 10, 2017

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