HA/CK 1.0.4 released - I recommend updating!

I have fixed many bugs and improved several things in HA/CK, so I recommend updating the game, should you want to play again! I have finally fixed all bugs that occurred with the 1.0.2 update and this patch has been rigorously tested to make sure no more embarrassing errors happen.

The patch notes are as follows:

  • Fixed the platform in 01 - Traveller
  • Fixed platforms flipping your view around
  • Fixed the platform in 04 - Live Fire moving too fast
  • Added a nod to independence
  • Added an option to reduce shader quality (I assume large performance gains on low-end systems)
  • Lowest shadow quality now completely disables any realtime shadows
  • Fixed cubes getting angular velocity when you release them
  • Added FOV slider
  • Changed player physics to be less slide-y
  • Fixed cameras not being affected by mouse sensitivity setting (I thought I fixed this in the betas)
  • Improved turret hitbox


HACK 1.0.4 Linux.zip 172 MB
Sep 21, 2017
HACK 1.0.4 Mac.zip 166 MB
Sep 21, 2017
HACK 1.0.4 Windows.zip 161 MB
Sep 21, 2017

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GameJolt release is coming soon - their uploader is super slow :(