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Sand? -check

Box?   -check

Game? -well...'s technically the truth

That's not a Sandbox genre game. Its game about sandbox :|

Yes, it's a sandbox game!

Terrible navigation

well... it's a sandbox game... (p.s. turn off depth of field it makes it WAY easier to see.)


It's a sandbox

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i can press the play button because my mouse is still stuck on the screen what should i do ? should help please

Do nothing :)

If you can, then do so.

This game is truly inspiring.


"Would sand again"


*Not actually IGN

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Needs more sand. And maybe boxes.

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I love sandboxes.

realy fun


I really wish the cloud colors reacted to the day and night cycle. Other than that its a great sandbox experience. 9.731/10 almost 9.732.


Very realistic sandbox. Seems like a built in way to take screenshots would be nice.