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OH WAIT I GET IT. its a game a bout a sandbox and they called it a sandbox game thats a good one good job


this game is a peice of trash


usually when commenting on a game like this, it is best to give constructive criticism instead of blank words.


I hate the fact that people do this all the time


me too buddy. Don’t you hate it when people are not descriptive about what is wrong and why it is wrong? 



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just shut (scoop)

I love sandbox games, its my favorite genre of games, but this isn't even a game it has a few assets and you can change the angle and lighting that you're looking at it. Calling this a game leaves something to be desired, plus you can't screenshot it without getting the control panel, so this makes it completely useless and the song is just the same few second toon repeated infinitely.

Maybe it has few assets because it is literally about a sand box...

Ikr I love sandbox games they're the best

Sand? -check

Box?   -check

Game? -well...'s technically the truth

That's not a Sandbox genre game. Its game about sandbox :|

Yes, it's a sandbox game!

insult much yellow frog

well... it's a sandbox game... (p.s. turn off depth of field it makes it WAY easier to see.)


It's a sandbox

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i can press the play button because my mouse is still stuck on the screen what should i do ? should help please

Do nothing :)

If you can, then do so.

This game is truly inspiring.


"Would sand again"


*Not actually IGN

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I love sandboxes.

realy fun

oh Hi Iwan!


I really wish the cloud colors reacted to the day and night cycle. Other than that its a great sandbox experience. 9.731/10 almost 9.732.


Very realistic sandbox. Seems like a built in way to take screenshots would be nice.